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We give consultations. We offer services such as Wi-Fi, Cloud computing, data center, virtualization and IT managed services to meet your needs.


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I3CS is a full-fledge business driven company which focuses on ICT products, solutions and services. To embrace the paradigm shift in ICT industry, i3CS is constantly realigning its business strategies by placing greater emphasis on innovation and developing human capital to provide cutting edge ICT solutions and services. You can be trusted with our:

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What We Offer

We Provide full-fledge ICT Products, Consulting, Data Center and Cloud Services.

i3 Consulting Solutions is a leading IT consulting company in Malaysia, offering cloud computing services, virtualization, data center, Wi-Fi and also managed IT services.

At i3 Consulting Solutions, it is our vision to simplify the realm of Information Technology (IT) to improve their work processes by leveraging on digital solutions.

At i3 Consulting Solutions, we understand how difficult it is to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change and maintain focus on one’s core business.

We’re enabling change makers to achieve hybrid IT success by providing secure, compliant data centre with efficient access to IT services providers.

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What People Say

It is reliable and trustworthy to store your important company data in data center of i3 Consulting Solutions. My company stores ours there for over many years and it does not have any problems. i3's data center is known to be protected with all security features which you do not need to worry about cyber attacks and it is well-equipped with 24-hours air conditioning, fire-suppression system and etc.
Jakob Nielsen

Project Lead

I was headache with my company data before. They were messy and could not be accessed remotely until I met i3 Consulting Solutions. They suggested me with cloud computing with virtualization which not only allows anywhere access to my data, but also a lower facility costs! i3 is really amazing and good in solving problem!
Mary Kay

Project Lead

I would like to compliment i3 Consulting Solutions, the best IT consulting company I've ever met. They are patient and friendly to listen to my problem and provide professional consultations regarding my business.  With their help, my company has an obvious improvement.
Jason Smith